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Chinese Paintings

Zhu Qizhan ,Yams

Fu Baoshi , Landscape

Su Yanshan , Calligraphy

Pu Ru , Guanyin

Zheng Naiguang , Fruits

Hong Yi , Calligraphy

Tang Yuen - 20th Century, Landscape in water color on paper

Wang Lok Lin - Late 19th Century, Ink on paper. Depicting Din King the seal carver.

Chin Zung An - 20th Century, Ink and Color on paper. Waterfall

Ju Lin - 19th Century, Water Color on silk. Insects and flowers.

Suen Chuk - 17th Century, Ink on paper. Landscape in Northern style.

Ming Dynasty , Tsui Ho running script

Republic of China ,Yue Yauyun running script

Qing Dynasty ,Yung Tongho running script in 4 pieces
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